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“Best in the Bay Area” Resources

Over the years, we at H&B have worked with many people in the car business. We have favorite resources for services as diverse as car audio, detailing, towing . . . pretty much all of the services you occasionally need. These companies are reliable, reasonably priced, and very good at what they do. We are happy to recommend them.


Emerging Technologies

A n exciting new generation of engines was recently announced by BMW. These engines balance fewer cylinders with greater use of turbocharging. Where there were mostly six-cylinder engines in the U.S. models, there will now be more four-cylinder variants; where V-8s had dominated the flagship 6- and 7-series, there will be turbocharged sixes.


Exceptional Service

At H&B, we've spent 37 years focused on our passion for BMW cars and engineering. We service, rebuild, and restore our customer's cars, supporting each customer's specific needs, whether it's maintaining a restored classic in perfect running order or just keeping your fave commute car healthy.


Condition-Based Service: What is it?

Beginning with model year 2002, BMW began phasing in a new type of service schedule for all its models. The first to get this was the ’02 745i; then the ’04 5-series; then the 3-series, and so on. The idea behind “condition-based servicing” is that the car knows what it will need and will remind you. Its needs will vary according to the amount of time and miles driven, but also according to the kind of driving done: whether mainly on the highway, around town, or mixed.


Preparing for the Fall (or Any Other) Driving Season

Some useful maintenance notes that actually apply all year long, because today’s high-pressure, high-temperature cooling systems operate under high internal stress even in winter. The extra thermal loads of the hot days of summer and autumn driving just add a bit to their heavy job.


Is your BMW a Classic?

has extensive experience with the older models of BMW, many of which are true collectibles. We have developed many parts which enhance these special models, while keeping true to their original concept. If you are interested in making the next step in maintaining and restoring your classic BMW, we have some more information for you.


When to Keep? When to Let Go?

In the car maintenance business, we have a built-in bias to hang onto cars and fix them up. We admit it. Nevertheless, there are times when that's simply not the smartest idea. We try to be candid and say when enough is enough — in case the owner hasn't already figured that out. But then, not every car owner who has that special human-to-machine bond hears us when we approach this subject. So here are a few guidelines which might help if you are pondering whether to keep or let go.